Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Counseling Keepsake

I have started having my counseling students create their own books as a way for them to document their counseling strategies.  Students love doing this and parents love seeing what their student is working on during sessions.  We work on the books during our sessions-typically a page each session, and when the book is finished they keep it at home or in their desk at school.  

 You can order the blank books HERE  or HERE.  I have already used 35 books this year.

Here are some examples of books that my students have worked on:

I let them decorate the front cover.  This student chose to put a blue school bus on the cover:

This is a page out of a social thinking book.  I always send home a list of terms/definitions for parents but this gives the student a resource to look back at:

The next few pages are all from the same book.  A small group is working on friendship skills and titled their books "Our Friendship Rules".  They come up with a rule each session and after the lesson they add the rule to their own individual book.
Rule #1:  Anybody can play.
Rule #2: If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
Rule #3:  Don't spread a rumor or gossip.
I didn't get a picture of Rule #4:  Have Ownership.  Admit to the wrong things that you do, apologize, make it right.

Rule #5:  Be a bucket filler:  say one nice thing a day about someone.

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