Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Energy Bus for Kids-A Story About Staying Positive And Overcoming Challenges

We are coming back from a 4 day weekend and I'm hearing a lot of grumbling today!  I thought it was the perfect opportunity to introduce The Energy Bus for Kids to some of my students!  The Energy Bus for Kids is a great story for changing a negative attitude.  A great perk of using this book is that there are plenty of free resources that go along with it.  I have downloaded the posters, journal and teaching guide and am so impressed with free materials (links below).  

Product Details
The Energy Bus for Kids:  The book teaches students how to overcome negativity, bullies and everyday challenges.  The story is about a boy, George, who is having a bad day until his bus driver, Joy, helps him to understand that he has the power to choose his attitude.  George learns to fuel his ride with positive energy and finds that he has the strength to overcome challenges that come  his way.  He also learns that he can pass this positive energy on to others.  I love this story but I will warn you that it is a bit lengthy for little ones.  The message is great for any age but I would definitely break it down into several lessons.  The bullying section of the book is a lesson in itself!  

Some of my favorite themes from this book are:
"If you have a vision, then you also have the power to make it happen."
"If you fuel up with positive energy, you will have the power to overcome challenges and achieve your goals."
"Make sure you keep filling your tank with positive energy."
"When you show kindness to others you attract kindness like a magnet."

Go to the book's website, http://www.energybuskids.com/, to download free posters, a free teaching guide and an Energy Bus Journal!

Free Teaching Guide-Lesson Plans and Activities

Guidance Curriculum:  Ideas for 9 lessons using this book! (shared by Leslie Avery and Leslie Johnson)

Energy Bus-One Word

Energy Bus Discussion Guide-This is for the adult version of the book but I thought it was worth sharing as some of the questions would be great for Junior High/High School students. (The adult version of The Energy Bus can be purchased HERE)

Interactive Bulletin Board Idea shared by Whats "App"ening Wesleyan?

Door Decorating Idea shared by Happy School Counselor

Purchase The Energy Bus for Kids HERE.

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