Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fidget Spinners

Apparently Fidget Spinners have been "all the rage" for the last month or so.  My son, a third grader, came home from school begging to have one and said that he would even use his own money to purchase one!  I had not heard of fidget spinners so I did a quick google search and saw claims that they were good for ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism.

These claims perked my interest and we went to Target to find one of these gadgets.  We quickly found out that fidget spinners are not easy to find.  My son was told that Target does not sell them and that they were looking into getting stock as they were getting questioned about them by multiple people daily.  We were able to track some down at a local grocery store and paid $8.99 for one of these gadgets.  Later that night we showed up at a benefit and to my surprise many of the children attending the benefit had these fidget spinners as well.  I show up to work on Monday and one of our fifth grade students pulls one out of his pocket to use during my classroom lesson.  THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

So, what is a Fidget Spinner?  Its a very simple gadget that you hold in your hand, spin, and watch twirl in circles.  The toy is supposed to be used as a fidget and is said to relieve stress.  I'm not so convinced.  My son has already looked up videos on YouTube and has been trying to do "tricks" with his.  I have seen where some schools have already banned the toy...for being "distracting".  My own son will be leaving his at home for the time being (although they are allowed at his school).  I do provide services to an autistic student who stims with a pencil and I would be curious to see if he would be willing to try using a fidget spinner instead.  I'm curious to know if other counselors have had any success using fidget spinners as a tool?

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