Friday, March 22, 2013

Connecting Bully-Prevention with Common Core Standards

I will be back to share some bullying lessons that I have created, but for today I wanted to share some great links.  These links will take you to bullying lessons that are already connected to the Common Core Standards. 

This first link alignes a toolkit of bully-prevention activities with the Common Core Standards.

This is an awesome resource!  The ABC's of Bullying Prevention shares 3 lessons for each grade level.  I was so excited to find this and wanted to share:

Think Twice Play Nice uses children's literature to take a stand against bullying.  They did a great job connecting their information to Common Core.  I will be ordering some new books for my classroom after reading this packet!

There are also some free samples of the Bully Free Program out there.  These are written for 2nd and 3rd grade:

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