Monday, March 11, 2013

Everyone has a talent!

Another book that I just love is Jack's Talent:  You Can Buy It Here

Description (from Amazon):  On the first day of school, Miss Lucinda asks the students to share their special talents. Francesca is a star soccer player, Matthew can catch huge fish with his grandpa, and Candace is an excellent artist. It seems that everyone has something to share. But Jack is worried. He doesn't have any talent at all . . . or so he thinks.  Acrylic paintings that pop with energy and charm make this story by veteran author and illustrator Maryann Cocca-Leffler the perfect boost for any child who questions his or her abilities.

Counseling activities:  Use your name to create an acrostic poem showcasing your talents. 

Draw a picture of your special talent and write about it.  If you use this activity for a classroom lesson, put the pages together to make a class book.

I have students write their talent and illustrate a picture on here: 

Connection to Careers:  Make a list of possible careers that go along iwth the talents mentioned in the book.


ASCA Standard:  A1.1  Develop positive attitudes toward self as a unique and worthy person


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