Monday, January 4, 2016

Goal Setting and Self-Reflection

It is a new year and we've just about reached the half-way point in our school year.  This is a great time to do some self-reflection and goal setting.  After returning from our holiday break, my sessions are going to focus on just that!  All of my students have counseling goals so it is a good time to review those goals, reflect and make adjustments.  I'm connecting to many goal-setting lessons and most of them have a New Year's Resolution theme.  I am using goal setting terminology verses the whole New Year's Resolution terminology but I thought some of these lessons that were New Year's themed were fun and could easily be adapted to focus on goal setting.  The Helpful Counselor wrote a blog post about the difference between goals and resolutions HERE.  Oh, and all of the materials below are FREE!!!

New Year's Resolutions and Goals Mobile 2016 Edition {FREEBIE}

New Year's Writing Project for Elementary Students

New Year Writing & Goals Activities for 2015 - Free

FREE New Year 2015 - SMART Goal Setting Flip Book

My Self-Reflection Report Card {FREEBIE}

Student Goal Setting Checklist

New Year's Resolution Tab Book

Student Goals

2016 Goals Calendar: A Printable Planner for Tweens With Executive Functioning Issues:  At first glance this just looks like an ordinary calendar with lines off to the size.  Make sure that you go to the end of the pack where there are goals along with a list of ways to reach each goal!  This is a great post about setting SMART goals:)
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