Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Valentine's Day Themed Counseling

I like to use themed-lessons throughout the year.  Valentines day is coming up so I have been preparing lessons that correlate with the "holiday".  These are a few of the books that I use during the month of February:

I did an entire post about The Day it Rained Hearts last February. You can find that post HERE and you can order the book HERE.  How cute is this bulletin board by
The Day It Rained Hearts In First Grade Valentine's Day Bulletin Board

Crankenstein Valentine is a cute story about a boy who doesn't want to do Valentine's activities.  He has a bad attitude about all things related to the holiday.  Here are some activities that would go well with the story:

Crankenstein Valentine {Freebie}

Crankenstein Story Common Core Activities-February

Arthur's Heart Mix-Up:  This book doesn't seem to be available to purchase directly through Amazon at the moment but most school libraries have books from the Arthur series.  You can also purchase a used copy on Amazon.  This is a cute book for leading a discussion on empathy, compassion, friendship, problem-solving, mindset etc...  Aruthur is working on his science project when his dog, Pal, messes up his project.  Arthur is "heart broken" about his project.  Arthur's friends cheer Arthur up and help him finish his project.  

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