Friday, February 12, 2016

Better Than You

Today's connections are all about boasting, bragging, one-upping and acting conceited.  I have quit a few students who are having trouble in this area.  I find that these students often lack communication skills/social skills and aren't necessarily trying to make other students feel bad.  Bragging is a sure way to lose friends though so I am working hard to help some students communicate in a way that makes everyone feel good.  I am sharing three books that focus on this topic.  Better Than You is great for students in 4-5th grade (or older), Well, I Can Top That! is great for grades 2-3 and I'm the Best! is more appropriate for K-1.

Trudy Ludwig is one of my favorite authors and I think I have almost all of her books.  I really like the book Better Than You because the main characters are boys.  The main character, Tyler, has a friend who constantly brags about "being better".  I use this book to help students understand that braggaing can ruin friendships.  This book also has a section for parents and teachers to help guide discussions.
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Description from Amazon:  Brad has a lot of great things going on his life or at least that's what he tells all of his classmates!  When one student wins a contest, he told about how he won an even bigger contest!  When another student broke his arm, he told about how he broke both arms AND both legs!  Children and adults will get a real kick out of Brad's tall tales as he learns the importance of being a 'pull-upper' and not a 'one-upper.'  
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Description from Amazon: "I win! I’m the best!" Dog boasts. He can run faster than Mole, dig better than Goose, swim faster than Donkey, and he’s much bigger than Ladybug. He wins! Unfortunately, Dog’s nonstop bragging is starting to make his friends feel kind of sad. But what if they mixed things up and looked at them differently? Could they teach Dog a lesson — and remind him of what it means to be a best friend?

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