Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Freebies (Teamwork)

Teamwork Poster

Cooperation and Teamwork Lessons for Character Education g

Team Work Lesson - Powerpoint and Lesson Plan

Teamwork Bulletin Board Quotes

Let's Get Moving Together! FREEBIE

Fairy Tale STEM--Jack and the Parachute

Save Fred! Community and Teamwork Builder

How to Make a Friendship Snack: A Community Building & Wri
Connections: shares some great team building activities HERE did a great Compliments Web activity that you can find HERE.

Alligators is one of my favorite teamwork activities.  You can find directions HERE.

This is another one that I love.  I do the spaghetti and marshmallows challenge every year with my 5th grade students and they have a blast!    

I also do this activity every year.  You use straws and tape to create a boat and then see how many pennies your boat can hold before it sinks.  Students have so much fun with this one!

The Human Knot is another great teamwork challenge.  You don't need any supplies and I have done this activity with students as young as 2nd grade all the way through high school.  

Great Items that are NOT FREE!
Books about Teamwork:
If you don't have these books I would highly recommend them.  I used them throughout my internship before I had money to spend on counseling supplies and they were a life saver!
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Product Details

More Connections (I have each and every one of these books and can vouch for them all being terrific books for teaching teamwork and cooperation:
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