Friday, November 18, 2016

Power Cards

I recently attended a really great workshop on Autism.  I came back to work with a lot of really great ideas and began implementing them right away.  The one strategy that has been really effective has been the Power Card Strategy.  Since children with Autism tend to have areas of high interest, this strategy can be very powerful.  A Power Card includes a short script of the student's interest combined with the issue at hand.  The Power Card should also include a picture and a solution to the problem broken into 3-5 steps.  The card is then laminated and the student can tape it to their desk or carry it around with them.  I have already created two Power Cards and they have been very successful thus far.  Here are the cards that I created:

Anthony Rizzo is a baseball player for the Chicago cubs.  
Sometimes Rizzo gets frustrated.  If Rizzo loses his cool 
the umpire will throw him out of the game. 
  Rizzo must keep his cool for the entire game.  
You must keep your cool for the entire school day.  
When Rizzo gets frustrated he:

1.       Takes a deep breath
2.       Says “it’s okay”
3.       Keeps working hard

You can be like Rizzo!

Metagross’s main ability is his intelligence.  He has four brains 
so he is capable of difficult math calculations and
 he is smarter than a super computer.  Metagross needs to work hard 
and use his brains so that he can analyze his opponents 
during battle.  If Metagross doesn’t do his best work 
and use his intelligence, he will not defeat his opponent.  
When Metagross doesn’t feel like doing his best work, he does the following:

1.      Think, I am smart enough to beat my opponent (assignment).
2.      Think, I will feel victoious when I defeat the opponent (assignment).
3.      Think, once I beat all of my opponents (assignments), I can earn free time.
You can be like Metagross!


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