Friday, February 3, 2017

Empathy (Hey, Little Ant)

Hey, Little Ant is a great book that challenges readers to look at life from an insect's point of view.  It is the perfect book for teaching empathy.   It can be really difficult for young students to understand the concept of "standing in someone's shoes" and this book does a really good job of showing just what this means.  
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Hey, Little Ant can be used to teach so many different topics.  The teacher's guide lists the following:
  • Respecting differences
  • Fostering respect for all living things
  • Considering stereotypes
  • Recognizing alternatives to resolving tension through violence
  • Exploring concepts of big and small, powerful and powerless
  • Standing up to peer pressure

  • Connections:
    I absolutely love the lesson that lunchbuddiesplus shared on her blog.  She uses Hey, Little Ant to show the difference between  a "thinking of you" person vs. a "just me" person.

    You can also get some ideas from the Hey, Little Ant Teacher's Guide.

    Some good resources on TPT:
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    These are all FREE on TPT:
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    Hey, Little Ant! Reader's Theater by Hanssen-House
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