Sunday, April 19, 2015

Telling the Truth

A  book that I used to teach trustworthiness and honesty is Eli's Lie-O-Meter.  This book teaches that lies have consequences not just for the liar, but for those around them as well. 
After reading the story we make a list of each lie that was told in the story.  We then talk about honest strategies that could have been used.  I make each student a "truth ticket" like the one in the story as a reminder to tell the truth.

Front of ticket:
Back of Ticket (fill in name):


I use Jenga blocks for this activity.  I actually have two sets of Jenga blocks in my office an I use them ALL THE TIME!  Start with one block and tell the student(s) that the block represents a lie.  Then talk about how you will have to tell another lie to cover up the first lie.  See how many "lies" you can stack up until it all comes crashing down.  Have a discussion about consequences and lying.  Eventually all of the lies get to be too big to handle.

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