Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Grouchies-Positive Thinking

This is a great book for all ages.  I have used it with kindergarten students and I have used it with fifth graders.  The message is simple:  Negative thoughts can get in the way of having a good day.

Descriptions of book from the cover:  What can you do when the grouchies take hold?  How can you keep a bad mood at bay?  With funny rhymes and a silly chant, The Grouchies shows kids simple and fun ways to turn around grouchy moods.  But most of all, kids will understand how their mood and negativity can affect their family and frineds, and really get in the way of having a good day.
An extensive Note to Parents further explains the child’s expreience and provides parents with easy-to-apply tips and tools for helping their kids when a grumpy day comes along.

What happened that made the boy feel grouchy?
What did he keep repeating in his head?
Is this an example of negative thinking or positive thinking?
Did this thought make him feel better or worse?  How can you tell?
How did his friends and family feel?
How can you keep the grouchies away?
Activity:  Use black construction paper to cut out a cloud.  I used a marker to write the grouchie’s saying on the back.  Hand out several yellow smiley faces to each student.  Prompt students to write a positive thought on each smiley face and to then use those smiley faces to cover up (beat) the grouchies.   

I have students write a few of their own positive thoughts and then we write a positive thought to replace each negative thought from story: 
"I hate oatmeal" is replaced by "my mom must care about me since she is making me breakfast"           
"My sister is having a party without me" is replaced by "maybe my sister will let me play with her"           
"My sister took my bear without asking" is replaced with "I have more toys that I can play with"               
"This puzzle is impossible" can be replaced with "I can do this if I really try"
"I don’t want to dry the dishes" can be replaced with "I get to spend time with my dad while we do the dishes"

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