Monday, April 20, 2015

4th Grade Career Lesson

1.            Log on your computer
2.           Go to : 
3.           Click on:  kid search (blue box at bottom of screen that says:  “new ways to use kid search)
4.           Choose one of the first 3 search methods (do not choose “clusters”)
5.           Read the choices and choose the ones that interest you.  Then click the NEXT arrow.
6.           You will see a list of careers.  Choose 1 career to research.
7.           Read the information on the screen and fill out the attached worksheet.

Career Research Worksheet
Career Research Worksheet
Name:_____________  Career:_______________

Description:  describe your career.

Duties: describe the job duties and responsibilities. What do people in this job do? What is a typical day like?

Where and When:  Where will you be spending your day (inside, outside, office, hospital, etc…)?  How many hours will you work?  Will you work during the day or at night?

What type of education or training is required? This can be found by clicking on the “fast facts” tab.

What school subjects might you need to be good in to be successful in this job? (fast facts tab).

When you are done:  
You can play CareerTown

-Click on the “k-5 tab”
-click on the careertown “play it” picture
-play level 2 games

If you finish all of level 2, play level 3 games

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