Thursday, April 28, 2016

Executive Functioning (new books and freebies)

I just placed an order for some new books and I am very excited about them!  Julia Cook is one of my favorite authors and I was very happy to see that her newest books are about executive functioning.   I also love that the characters are the same in both books.  I currently use the R.J. series and my students love hearing multiple stories about the same character.  This time around we meet some new characters:  Cletus and Bocephus-cousins who are will teach us a thing or two about organizing, planning ahead and prioritizing.   It sounds like Julia may be adding more books to this series as well:)  I have also provided connections to executive functioning freebies on TPT.

The first book on executive functioning is I Can't Find My Whatchamacalit!!.  

Description from Amazon:  Cletus and Bocephus are cousins, yet they are nothing alike.  Extremely creative Cletus, can't find anything in his room.  He is constantly losing things and is very disorganized and messy.  Bocephus, on the other hand, is the most organized, uptight person on the planet.  If Bocephus ever misplaces anything...he totally freaks out!  After Cletus's mom refuses to let him play with Bocephus until his room is cleaned, Bocephus steps in to help out his disorganized cousin.  "Cletus..Ther's a home for everything.  Every watchamacallit has its spot.  Lets sort through your stuff and put it where it goes.  I'm organized...Cletus you're not!"  This story book is the first in the Executive funcioning book series.  It highlights the importance of being organized in a creative, applicable way.  It also spotlights unique differences and strengths that live in all of us.  This book will teach children to understand, develop, and apply organization and vital executive functioning skills.  

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Description from Amazon:  Cletus and Bocephus are Back!  While working on their science fair project on meal worms, they learn to appreciate and understand each other's strengths and weaknesses.  Creativity needs structure and structure needs creativity...and Cletus and Bosephus BOTH need to know hot to plan and prioritize!  "You learn from mistakes and use what you learn, so you don't make those mistakes again.  Every time you play a video game, you plan and prioritize to WIN!"  Planning and prioritizing are two of the most difficult executive functioning skills for people to master.  Planning effectively is the thinking skills that helps an individual develop strategies to accomplish goals.  It allows a person to think about completing a task before it is started.  Life is all about making choices.  Prioritizing effectively helps a person make the best choices possible.  This book will help teach children to determine the necessary steps, in order, towards fulfilling a goal which is a vital executive functioning skill.  Children who possess effective prioritizing skills can learn to manage not only daily responsibilities, but also how to prepare for future success.

Executive Functioning Connections:
These connections are all free materials that I have found on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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