Thursday, April 28, 2016

Impulse control

As the school year comes to an end I find that students become more impulsive so I included this book in my recent Amazon order.  I am always looking to enhance my counseling library and this looks like a great addition.  

Description from Amazon:  This hilarious book for grades k-6 teaches children about learning to control their impulses.  Third-grader Braden loves to be the center of attention.  His comic genius, as he sees it, causes his friends to look at him in awe.  But some poor decision-making, like ill-timed jokes in class and an impulsive reaction during gym that left a classmate teary-eyed and crumpled on the floor, force the adults in Braden's life to teach him about impulse control.  There are 4 downloadable activities that you can purchase for $5.00 that go along with this book but I have not purchased them yet so I can't give any feedback.  You can download them HERE.  You can purchase the book HERE.

Impulse Control Connections (These are resources that are currently FREE on TPT)

FREEBIE Impulse Control Activity

Impulse Control Game

Under Control Activity - Stop and Think (impulse control game)

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