Friday, September 11, 2015

A day in the life of...

Here is a typical day for me:

7:55:  Arrive at the school (before this I get two kids dropped off at school and daycare and start my 35 minute commute to work)

8:00-8:20-Supervision (This is my week to do morning supervision)

8:30-9:  Individual Counseling (1st Grade Girl):  Topic-Feelings Influence Behavior (from this book)

9-9:15-Individual Counseling (5th Grade Boy):  Topic-Identifying Stressors (Lesson Here)

9:15-9:30-Check-in with Kindergarten student-doing well

9:30-10:  Classroom Lesson (Third Grade)  Topic:  Staying on Task

I started the lesson with this quiz:  Sneaky Following Directions Quiz
I found this cute rocket to go along with my lesson:  Rocket-Ship-Whole-Body Listening
Our discussion focused on skills for learning, whole body listening and ignoring distractions.  I use this lesson and Ned's head to talk about distractions.
10-10:30:  Individual Counseling (6th Grade Boy):  Topic-Self Management
We have been working on this packet and today the student picked the areas that he needs to work on. He chose being off task, honesty, blurting, playing around during a lesson and learning to ignore others who are making poor choices.  You can get the packet HERE (free).

10:30-11:  Individual Counseling (8th Grade Boy):  Topic-Grades

This is how I document counseling sessions (this is for a younger student)

11-11:30:  Individual Counseling (2nd Grade Boy):  Focusing Attention-Brain in the  Group
Previous Lesson:  Made a playdough body and talked about how we use each part of the body to help us to listen.  
Today's Lesson:  I took a picture of the student and he colored the brain and each label and attached them to the poster.  We talked about keeping our brain in the group.  I covered his face for confidentiality reasons.
I purchased this lesson HERE

11:30-12:  Group Counseling (1st Grade Boys):  Topic-Self-Control  (David Goes to School)
Last Weeks Lesson-I met with these boys last week and we worked on rules and consequences.  I got this lesson on TPT for FREE!  You can find it HERE.
Today's Lesson-I read David Goes to School and we talked about the rules that David broke and possible consequences.  We also talked about what David could have done instead.  Each student then created their own David.  You can find the David activity HERE and the book HERE.
Follow-Up Lesson-Each student will write four rules that they need to work on.

12-12:40:  Lunch

12:40-1:  Planning Period-I spent this time organizing my room.  I ordered two 10-shelf organizational units so I put those together and then organized some paperwork.

1-1:30:  Classroom Lesson (Second Grade)  Topic:  Second Step Skills for Learning

1:30-2:  Classroom Lesson (Second Grade)  Topic:  Second Step Skills for Learning

2-2:30:  Crisis-Assisting with earlier mentioned Kindergarten student.  Said student came in from P.E. and plopped herself down on the floor.  She refused to move and hit, kicked, screamed when anybody tried to assist her in walking down the hallway.  I calmed her down, walked her to her classroom and sat with her for about 10 minutes.

2:30-3:  Group Counseling (Junior High Girls) Topic:  Choices affect others
We read the book If Everybody Did....  Each student then picked one of the behaviors that they have been having problems with and they drew a picture to show what would happen If Everybody Did...  I only have one picture to show.  This student wrote "Never did my homework".  The other students wrote "blurting out in class" and "throwing a fit when angry".

3-3:20:  Individual Counseling (5th Grade Girl) Topic:  Work Completion
I have each student set a goal and I check in to see how many missing assignments they had the previous week and reward them if they have reached their goal.  You can purchase a similar setup on TPT  HERE.

3:20-3:40:  Parent contact through email

3:40-HOME:)  I have a 35 minute commute so by the time I drive home and pick my kids up it is usually between 4:15 and 4:30.  Our nights are filled with soccer, tumbling, homework, dinner, baths, bedtime stories, etc...

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