Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Must Have Books for School Counseling (Favorite Authors)

I absolutely love using books during counseling sessions.  Today I am connecting to my four favorite authors and the books that I use on a daily basis.  The following books are books that I would consider MUST HAVE books!  They make my job easier and students are able to relate to the characters so well.

My most favorite author is Trudy Ludwig.  I have just started my collections of Trudy Ludwig's books and I am so impressed with them. I have found the best lessons to go along with these books and I have had several students ask me if there are any more books to go along with these:
Trudy Ludwig Books:
On My Wish List:  Better Than You
lesson ideas HERE

My next favorite author is Maria Dismondy.  Her books are easy to read, have a great message and are great for classroom lessons.  All of these books are MUST HAVES!  
Juice Box Bully (Standing up for others)

I don't think there is a counselor out there who doesn't own at least one Julia Cook book.  I love that many of her books also have activity guides available for purchase.  I love every single one of these books but I definitely have my favorites.  I use My Mouth is a Volcano, Tattle Tongue, Bully B.E.A.N.S., Making Friends is an Art, Wilma Jean the Worry Machine, and the RJ series constantly.  
Julia Cook Books (These are all books that I own and LOVE)
Smarter Than the Scoopers (Stranger Danger)
Soda Pop Head and Activity Book (Anger Management) plus lesson ideas
My Mouth is a Volcano and Activity Book (Social Skills-Blurting Out)
Well I Can Top That! (Being a One-Upper)
Blueloon  and Activity Book (Depression)
Bully B.E.A,N.S. and Activity Book (Bullying)
Personal Space Camp and Activity Book (Social Skills-Personal Space)
A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue and Activity Book (Tattling vs. Reporting)
Tease Monster (Teasing vs. Bullying)
Lying Up a Storm (Honesty)
The D Word and Activity Book (Divorce)
RJ "Best Me I Can Be" Series:
I Just Want to Do It My Way! and Activity Book  (Staying on Task)
More Julia Cook Books (I don't own these but several are on my wish list):
But It's Just A Game (video games)
Don't Be Afraid to Drop (Believe in youself/try new things)
The Ant Hill Disaster (Uncontrollable Events)
How To Be Comfortable in Your Own Feathers (Unhealthy Eating Habits)
The Bubble Wrap Queen (Personal Safety)
What Do I Say About That? (Incarcerated Parent)
Cell Phoney (Cell phone responsibility)
Grief is Like a Snowflake and Activity Book (Death of Parent)
Peer Pressure Gauge (Peer Pressure)

Another Series that I love to use is the Howard B. Wigglebottom books.  I like that the same character is used throughout all of the books.  My younger students (k-2) especially love Howard B. Wigglebottoms.
These are the titles that I currently use:
Other books by this author (several of these are on my wish list)

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