Monday, August 10, 2015

Chocolate Milk, Por Favor

One of my all time favorite lessons is based on the book The Potato Chip Champ by Maria Dismondy. You can connect to that lesson here.

I just ordered Maria Dismondy's new book, Chocolate Milk, Por Favor.  I love it!  I received this book in the mail on Saturday and can not wait to use it in the classroom.  The best part is that there is a reading guide on Maria's website for FREE!  

Maria also lists the common core standards that align with each activity!

More about the book:  Johnny is a big fan of school but all that changes when the new kid, Gabe arrives.  Gabe doesn't speak any English, and that doesn't stop Johnny from going out of his way to be unkind.  What will Johnny do when Gabe starts to make new friends?  Will he join in the fun of making a new friend or turn the other way?  Johnny realizes a powerfulmessage in this story where empahty and inclusion teach us that actions speak louder than words.  Read to find out how chocolate milk plays a major role in the discovery of the real universal language. (description from Amazon)

I plan to use Chocolate Milk, Por Favor with my 3rd graders. These are the centers that I plan on using (activities can be find in the reading guide.)

Discussion Center:  How to be a good friend

Discussion Center (2):  Table Talk (I will serve chocolate milk at this center)

Writing Center:  Celebrating You!  What Makes You Different? or Developing Point of View

Reflection Center:  Asking and Answering Questions (empathy)

Dramatic Center:  Poem/Song/Skit about Diversity

Art Center:  Celebrate Diversity Poster Challenge

You can also find a coloring page here.

Fun Fact:  September 27th is national Chocolate Milk Day:)

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