Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Freebies (Feelings)

I am lucky enough to have a decent budget to work with but I know many counselors are not as fortunate. Today I am connecting to some of my favorite FREE resources! All of these resources are from Teachers Pay Teachers, they are all FREE and they are all about FEELINGS!


TPT: Feelings and Emotions Cards

TPT: Social Skills Cards: Feelings Cards

TPT: Coping Skills Posters

TPT: Today I Feel (Craftivity in English and Spanish)

TPT: My Own Feelings Book

TPT: Feelings Chart

TPT: Fishing for Feelings

TPT: Anger Management Chart

TPT: My Feelings Journal

TPT: Making Positive Choices When Dealing With Anger

TPT: Princess Feelings and Behaviors Workbook

TPT: Feelings Book

TPT: Emotion Readers

TPT: Coping Skills Matching Game

***TPT: Feelings Jenga

***TPT: Feelings Candy Land

***TPT: My many colored days

***TPT: The Way I Feel

***If you want to use these resources you may need to purchase the following items:
Candy Land
My Many Colored Days
The Way I Feel

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  1. Thank you souch for the wonderful resources.! Love them!