Thursday, August 6, 2015

Counseling Decor-Inside Out

I spent 9 hours in my classroom today and I don't feel like I made a dent in the amount of work that needs to be done!  I wanted to do something different with my classroom this year (last year's theme was mindfulness) and I kept toying with the idea of using materials from Pixar's new movie, Inside Out.  I went back and forth with this idea and in the end decided to just go for it.

Along the way I started thinking about how I could incorporate the movie into my classroom guidance lessons.  I often do "centers" with my third graders and began brainstorming some different ideas.  I have come up with quit a few ideas that I will be sharing in another post.

I have a lot of work to do but thought that I would share what I have accomplished so far!

Inside Out in my classroom:  I am lucky enough to have a classroom as well as an office.  3rd through 5th grade students come to my classroom weekly for classroom lessons. I wasn't planning on using anything from Inside Out in my office but I ended up adding a few little things so I am going to show those as well:

 Inside Out fabric on my bulletin board:
I purchased mine at JoAnn Fabric but you can purchase similar fabric here:Inside Out Fabric
I haven't put up my calendar yet but you can get a super cute Inside Out classroom set here: TPT Classroom Decor (Inside Out)

I also added this wall decal:Click Here For Wall Decal
 and this poster:  Purchase Poster Here
 A Bulletin Board:  Free Posters or Free Posters and Poster

This is the bulletin board that I did not get around to finishing.  I replaced my mindfulness posters with these superheros during Character Counts Week last year and thought they were cute so they ended up staying all year.
 I am replacing the superheros and am using this picture as inspiration.  I will share how it turns out!

Here is my unfinished classroom:

 A close up of my Inside Out display:
You can find the pennants here:  Inside Out Banner  or Welcome Banner
You can find the poster here:Inside Out Poster
You can find the small plush here:Fear and Disgust Plush
***I purchased the larger plush at WalMart but my store was sold out of Fear and Disgust
The magazine holders are labeled with the 5 emotions and hold corresponding books.  Magazine Organizers
The curtain is made out of plastic table cloths:  green table clothyellow table clothpurple table clothblue table clothred table cloth
You can find a tutorial on the emotions in a bottle here:  Emotions Discover Bottles
Close up of emotion bottles:

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