Friday, August 28, 2015

Anxiety Group (Wilma Jean the Worry Machine-Grades k-3)

10 Session Anxiety Group Using Wilma Jean the Worry Machine:

Session 1:  Introductions, getting to know activity, group rules, topic discussion, decorate folders.

Session 2:  Read Wilma Jean the Worry Machine.  Students fill out page 5 from the Activity Guide (What Are You Worried About?).  Arrange worries from in order from biggest to smallest.

Session 3:  Discussion about worries that you can control and worries that you can't control.  Fill out page 6 from the Activity Guide.

Session 4:  I Feel It Here (Page 7 in the Activity Guide).  Discussion:  When you worry about something, where can you feel it?  Discussion on how are body feels when we are worried.

Session 5:  Thoughts and Feelings (Page 8 in the Activity Guide).  Discussion:  Thoughts effect feelings.  Discussion:  How can we change our thoughts?  Positive self-talk practice.

Session 6:  How Do You Feel?  (Page 9 in the Activity Guide).

Session 7:  Strategies: pages 10-13 in the Activity Guide or  Worry Dolls, Worry Stones, Square Breathing, Figure 8 Breathing, Worry Box.

Session 8:  Worry or Unworry (page 20 in the Activity Guide).  Discussion:  how to make worries go away.

Session 9:  What Are They Worried About (page 22 in the Activity Guide) or "Stick It" To Your Worries (page 24 in the Activity Guide).

Session 10:  Worry-Free T-Shirt (page 19 in the Activity Guide) and Root Beer Worry Floats (page 10 in Activity Guide).

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