Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Expected and Unexpected Behaviors

Today I am connecting to resources that can be used to teach expected and unexpected behaviors.  If you don't already use Michelle Garcia Winner's vocabulary in your counseling program, I encourage you to check it out.  I have been to several workshops and have purchased many of her books.  I find her terminology to be extremely helpful in explaining social skills.  This is my favorite book of hers: You are a Social Detective.

EXPECTED BEHAVIORS -Understanding that a range of hidden rules exist in every situation and people are responsible for figuring out what those rules are and then following them. By doing so, we keep other people thinking good thoughts about us. Doing what is expected is different based on where we are and who we are with.

UNEXPECTED BEHAVIORS-Failing to follow the set of rules, hidden or stated, in the environment. People who don’t follow the rules are doing what is ‘unexpected’ and people may have “uncomfortable” or ‘weird’ thoughts about them.

I have connected you to several free materials as well as materials that you can purchase for  under $5.00.  I did not create these resources but have used most of them myself:

Free Materials:

PowerPoint for students: Explaining Expected vs. Unexpected Behaviors

Expected vs. Unexpected Behavior Sorting

The Unexpected Pirate

Code of Conduct, Expected Behaviors, School Rules

FREE Expected Behavior in the Classroom, Lunch, Recess Cut and Paste

Hallway Expectations Poster

Chevron Themed Marshmallow Toes Hallway Expectation Poster (read below this product for activity ideas)

School Behavior Expectations/Rules Posters

Cafeteria Expectations Craftivity

Expected & Unexpected Behaviors for Trick or Treating Freebie

Field Trip Behaviors: Expected or Unexpected?

Expected Behavior at the Playground for Students with Autism

Game for teaching expected and unexpected behaviors (soccer)

Expected and Unexpected Behaviors Data Collection Sheet

Expected and Unexpected Behaviors-Holiday Dinner (Thanksgiving)

Videos on YouTube

Video on YouTube

For Purchase (under $5.00)
Social Thinking: Expected and Unexpected Behaviors at School

Marshmallow Toes Craftivity Pack

In the Cafeteria Craftivity Pack

Expected & Unexpected Behavior Worksheets

Expected and Unexpected Behaviors at School

Expected and Unexpected Behaviors for Using Technology

Funny Bunnies: Expected and Unexpected Scenario Packet

Reindeer Games: Expected and Unexpected Sort Activity

Scenes From School: Identifying Expected and Unexpected Behaviors

Touchdown to Expected Behavior

Recess Rules Craftivity

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