Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pink Tiara Cookies for Three-A lesson on Friendship

If you don't already have Pink Tiara Cookies for Three I would strongly recommend adding it to your resources.  I have used this book many times in the past two years.  I originally ordered this book to be used during a girl's only "Lunch Bunch".  I am currently using it with a group of fourth grade girls who are dealing with some friendship issues.

Maria Dismondy is one of my favorite authors (along with Trudy Ludwig and Julia Cook) and this book might be my favorite of hers.  The story is about two best friends who's friendship is challenged when a new girl moves in.   This book teaches that children can have many friends and also touches on the topic of exclusion.

Discussion Questions:
1.  What is a friendship triangle?
2.  How does Sami feel when Jasmine moved in?
3.  Sami threatens that Stella can't be her best friend anymore if Stella keeps playing with Jasmine.  Is this fair?  Why or why not?  Have you ever had a friend say this to you?  How would you respond?
4.  How did Jasmine feel after Sami ignored her invitation to make cookies?
5.  Was it Jasmine's fault that Sami played alone at recess?  Was Sami being left out on purpose?
6.  How did Sami react to being paired up with Jasmine in Science?  Do you think that Jasmine was hurt by her reaction?  Have you ever witnessed this happen in your own class?
7.  What does Empathy mean?
8.  Sami remembers how it felt to play alone and recess.  What does Sami do to show empathy?
9.  What lesson did Sami learn?
10.  How can you apply this lesson to your own friendships?

You can find the  Reader's Guide and Lessons on Maria's website.  I would definitely recommend using it with the book.

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