Monday, February 9, 2015

Elementary Counseling Office

Today I am going to share some pictures of my counseling room.  I am lucky enough to also have my own classroom to do classroom lessons in so I actually store a lot of my movies and games in that room.  My counseling office is located right off of our 5th-8th grade hallway so that I am easily accessible to our middle school students.  My room is the perfect size and I really love it. I know that I am quit lucky to have the space that I have!  I will show some whole-room pictures at some point but due to confidentiality reasons I am just showing some important areas of my room.  

I love having a white board in my room.  I also love that each side has a bulletin board.  I use my white board every single day.  Students love to write on it and it gives them a break from  having to look at me/maintain eye contact.  You can see that this lesson was on expected verses unexpected behaviors.  If you don't already use "Social Thinking" you should definitely check it out.  This Social Detective Book is a good starting point.  

This is another area that is used daily.  I use the Zones of Regulation materials with so many of my students and wanted to have a place where they could check in and report their zone/feeling.  If you use the Zones of Regulation materials with your students then I would recommend also checking out My Book Full of Feelings (how to control and react to the size of your emotions) and The Incredible 5-Point Scale.  

I store a lot of my books in these labeled file holders so that I can find them easily.  I bought mine at Target but you can find similar ones HERE

This is my "Calming Down Corner".  You can see my cue cards hanging on the wall.  I will admit that these don't get used very often but I do keep them there "just in case".  I also have a container of sand,  Kinetic Sand, JENGA, PLAY-DOH, WORRY DOLLS, FIDGETS, STRESS BALLS,  and a CALMING/TIME OUT JAR.
 I have my Zones of Regulation materials on one side of my counseling table and this train on the other side.  I found the train in a book that I use ALL THE TIME.  Groups To Go: Small Groups for Counselors on the Go/k-3 is a great book for a busy counselor.  Anyway, back to the train.  You can see the different skills that we work on are printed on each train car.  This is perfect for an 8-week small group focused on ADHD type behaviors.  If you buy Groups to Go you will find lesson plans and activities for each skill...making your job much easier!   

This is the wall right above my desk.  I wrote to several universities asking them for pendants and all of these schools sent them to me for free:

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