Monday, October 5, 2015

A Bad Case of Stripes

A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon, is a story about a girl who is embarrassed to let her friends know that she likes lima beans.  She doesn't want to stand out as being different.  This is a great story about self-acceptance and uniqueness.  The story teaches several lessons:  it is okay to be different; you should be proud of yourself; stay true to who you are; don't worry about what other people may think.  There are hundreds of blog posts, lesson plans and ideas out there for this book.  I am proving "connections" to the ones that are most relevant to school counseling.  You can purchase this book HERE.

Reader's Guide and Activities

How I use this book:  I take a photo of each child and upload it to  I then use the "pencil sketch effect" to turn each picture into a coloring page.  I have students give themselves a "bad case of the stripes".  They can also do polka dots or any other design.  They then complete an "i'm unique" activity found on TPT.  Here is a picture of my daughter with a bad case of stripes using  These picture would also make a great bulletin board display.

I use these discussion questions:
Why wouldn't Camilla eat lima beans?
How can we tell that Camilla was worried about fitting in?
Why was Camilla relieved that she didn't have to go to school?
How does Camilla feel when the students laugh at her?
Would you consider this bullying?  Why or Why not?
Why did the old lady give Camilla lima beans?
Did Camilla continue to care what the other kids thought of her?  Why or Why not?
Have you ever been afraid that people will laugh at you?
Are there things that you like that your friends don't like?
What is more embarrassing, having stripes or admitting that you like lima beans?
What makes you unique?

A discussion on feelings, a freebie and an adorable bulletin board can be found at

I also found some good ideas at  This lesson covers feelings as well as problem solving: shared a great door decoration:

Some teachers have even decorated PUMPKINS to look like Camilla!
(photo found on Pinterest...source unknown)

Others have dressed up as Camilla (this would make a great Hallloween costume)

There are several free lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers:
Self-Esteem Activity: "I am special and unique!"

A Bad Case of Stripes Class Book

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Purchase A Bad Case of Stripes HERE.

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