Thursday, October 22, 2015


Halloween is only 1 week ( and a couple of days) away!!!!  Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love incorporating a Halloween theme in my lessons.  I purchased the book CRANKENSTEIN about a year ago and found that it is the perfect book for this time of year.  If your school doesn't celebrate Halloween you can totally use this book anyway.  The character is based off of Frankenstein so I think it is fun to use it this time of year but you can definitely use it anytime of the year.  In fact, one of the lessons that I am connecting to is a VALENTINE's DAY lesson (there is also a Valentine's Day Version of Crankenstein)!  Anyway, about the book...
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BEWARE OF CRANKENSTEIN!  Who is crankenstein?  He's an ordinary kid, just like you.  But on a bad day, he could transform into CRANKENSTEIN!  A monster of grumpiness that no one can destroy!  MEHHRRRRR!  He's Alive!  Turn the pages to see this creature of crankiness.  You might even learn how to turn him back into a boy...IF YOU DARE!  You can purchase the book HERE.

Discussion Questions:  What are some things that make Crankenstein angry?  Have you ever felt like Crankenstein?  What are some things that make you angry?  What can Crankenstein do to turn back into a boy?  Tell me about a time you were angry and were able to turn it around.

Crankenstein Craftivity and Writing Prompt {Freebie!}

Crankenstein Valentine {Freebie}

Crankenstein Writing FREEBIE

Purchase Crankenstein HERE.

Here is the Valentine's Version of Crankenstein:  A CRANKENSTEIN VALENTINE

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