Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Being Yourself (Self-Acceptance)

I wasn't kidding when I said I was focused on self-acceptance this week!  If you missed my other posts about self-acceptance you can check them out HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.  Today I am showcasing several books that I use to teach lessons on self-acceptance.  

Just like the colors of a rainbow, each of us is unique!  Kids are encouraged to celebrate their differences.  This is also a great book to teach diversity!  You can purchase it HERE.
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Lesson Connection:
Rainbow Of Friends: Celebrate Differences

This book encourages children to embrace their individuality, no matter what others think.You can Purchase Carla's Sandwich HERE.
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Carla's Sandwich Connections:
I host a "Weird Sandwich Party" each year.  The kids love it!  You can get ideas HERE.

Velvet's classmates think she is odd but by the end of the story they find out that her differences are what make her so much fun!  You can purchase this book HERE.
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Odd Velvet Connections:
Odd Velvet Back to School Social Skill Activities and Disc

Bulletin Board Idea (found on Pinterest...source unknown)

Zoe is a green triangle stuck in a world of red circles.  Zoe has a hard time fitting in with the others because she is different.  This is a great book for teaching students to be themselves even if they are different than others.  It is a great reminder that everyone has something unique about them.  You can purchase Zoe The Misfit HERE.
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Hey, You're Great!
This book is great for students in grades 4-8.  The story is fun and talks about the silliness that comes from trying to be just like others.  
You can Purchase Hey, You're Great HERE.
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Lesson Connection: created an awesome lesson to go along with this book and it's FREE!

You can find another lesson idea HERE.
"Painted"-Social Skills poem and questions - self esteem, self respect
Social Skills poem and questions - self esteem, self respect

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