Thursday, March 24, 2016

Counseling with Cupcakes (lessons on just about everything!)

I was organizing my bookshelves and noticed that I have quit a few counseling books with a common theme...CUPCAKES!  Who doesn't love cupcakes?!  I have books that teach lessons on self-esteem, problem-solving, coping skills, friendship, etc...

I love this lesson using the book Cupcake.  I found a worksheet companion on Marrissa's Blog and love it!  I use this book with students in K-2.  
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Another favorite is Peanut Butter and Cupcake.  This is an adorable book about friendship.  The story is about Peanut Butter, a lonely piece of bread, who sets out to find a friend but ends up being rejected by hamburger, egg, cupcake and many other characters in the story.  The main message of the story is that it can be hard to make friends but that you can't let yourself feel down or give up on yourself when other kids won't play with you.
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I found a Free Lesson on TPT to go along with Peanut Butter & Cupcake:
Teaching Friendship in the Classroom {FREE printables}
There is another Free Lesson from TheHappyTeacher HERE.
This packet is also free on TPT and a few of the pages work for counseling related lessons:
Peanut Butter & Cupcake

This one would be cute for a discussion on Following Directions
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sequence Paragraph
I also have Happy Birthday Cupcake and use it to teach the "thinking of solutions" and "exploring consequences" part of Problem Solving.  Happy Birthday Cupcake is about a cupcake who is planning her own birthday part.  Cupcake runs through a list of ideas (solutions) while her best friend, Blueberry Muffin, finds reasons why they won't work (consequences).  For example, If she has a beach party some of her friends might melt in the sun!  
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I don''t have Rude Cakes but I just ordered it and can't wait for it to come in!  This book is about not-so-sweet cakes with bad manners.  The main character is an annoying pink cake who uss hurtful words, never says please or thank you, doesn't listen to its parents, doesn't share and refuses to take turns. He also bullies a small cupcake at the playground.  Rude cake ends up learning the value of being polite and the story ends with the saying "Of course, no cake is ever too rude to change".
Rude Cakes
Lesson Using  Rude Cakes HERE.

What a Cupcake Can Do! looks like a cute book about self-acceptance.  The main character is a tiny cupcake who feels insignificant in comparison to the huge, fancy wedding cake in the bakery window.  Cupcake is focused on looks verses achievements until she finds out that the great thing about being a cupcake is that cupcakes can work together to make cupcake cakes.  You don't need to be big to feel special!
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More Connections:

This is a great idea for teaching coping skills:  My Cope-Cake
My Cope-Cake - free printable from OMazing Kids

This download for Kid Kindness Day is too sweet!  You put ways to be kind in each of the "sprinkles".  Free download from

Cupcake Conversation Cards

Sweet Conversation Starters {FREEBIE}

If you have a student who has a food allergy or food sensitivity Why can't I have a cupcake? looks like a good resource:
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This would be a cute self-esteem activity to do with Jr. High students or with a life skills class

Cupcake Game: This looks like a cute game for pre-k or early elementary students.  The description on Amazon states that it is a simple and fun way for developing patience, learning to follow-directions, categorizing and recipe following skills.  The object of the game is to bake your recipe before the other players.  Players attempt to collect their ingredients and the fist to collect all of them wins.
eeBoo The Cupcake Spinning Game

Cute TEACHER APPRECIATION bulletin board idea from

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