Monday, March 14, 2016

Mindfulness Monday (glitter jar)

Mindfulness sessions are used to help raise children's awareness of the here and now.  This awareness helps them cope better with their thoughts and their emotions.  One example of a mindfulness exercise is the use of a glitter jar.  The glitter is used as a metaphor for our thoughts and feelings.  

Directions:  Shake the glitter globe and explain that when our minds are racing, our thoughts are like these beautiful bits of glitter swirling all around.  Then encourage students to watch the glitter settle to the bottom and to allow their thoughts and feelings to do the same.  Explain that when we are still and focus on our breath we can allow our minds to calm down.  This helps us to see "clearly".  

You can find directions for making your own mindfulness jar at mindwisetherapy's blog:
Mindfulness bottles - also referred to as calming jars, mind jars, or glitter jars.

Moody Cow is a great book to go along with this lesson on Mindfulness:
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  1. It is important for children to understand that our thoughts and feelings are not bad, even when they are upsetting - they are a part of what makes us who we are. Mindfulness teaches us to grow in our awareness of our internal and external states; to be curious of our thoughts and feelings, and learn to sit with them even when they are uncomfortable,Thanks for your great post.
    Sant Kirpal Singh