Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Peace Day

Apparently International Peace Day is celebrated around the world on September 21st and I missed the memo!  I will be celebrating Peace Day with my students when we get back from Spring Break and I have found a lot of cute ideas!  

Kindergarten:  We will be reading The Peace Book by Todd Parr.  I love Todd Parr books and this one is awesome!  I think I will be having the kindergarten students create a class book about Peace.  I really like this idea from The Kindergarten Teacher's Blog.
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This would be another cute idea for Kindergarten and it is free on TPT:

Peace Day

1st Grade:  We will be reading Peace Week in Miss Fox's Class.  Miss Fox is tired of hearing her students argue so she announces Peace Week.  The students help Miss Fox come up with rules for the week:  no fighting; don't say mean things, and help others.  Throughout the week the students in Miss Fox's class practice these new behaviors.  Soon the students realize that it's easy to help others, take turns, and say nice things.  
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After reading I plan to discuss the book and then brainstorm with the class how they can be peacemakers.

I also love this idea from First Grade Parade:

Or you could use these free printables from TPT:
Classroom Management: Peace Makers & Peace Breakers

2nd Grade:  We will be reading What Does Peace Feel Like?  What does the word PEACE really mean?  Ask children from around the world, and this is what they say...
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I downloaded this worksheet for free on TPT and plan to have student fill it out:
What does peace feel like
I then plan to have students do this craftivity (free on TPT):
Peace Foldable Craftivity

I am loving this Mural idea and may incorporate it in my lesson as well:
Peace Bird - Group mural
I also like this idea from No Time For Flashcards:

3rd Grade:  My 3rd graders will be doing some of the activities from the YMCA's packet of PEACE WEEK ideas.  

I'm also considering doing these Peace Plates from gradeonederful.com:

4th Grade:  My fourth graders will be doing some lessons from This link:  Peace Day Ideas along with a lesson from Color and Collage:

This is an art lesson so I will be taking the art teaching bit out of it and will focus on the meaning of the word PEACE.  Students will create their Peace sign out of clay and will attach an tag with their name and a sentence about PEACE and what that word means to them.

I may use this free activity from TPT as well:
International Peace Day {FREEBIE}

5th Grade:  My fifth graders will also be doing a lesson from Color and Collage:
This lesson focus on friendship and understanding for each other's differences and backgrounds.  The lesson consists of each student receives a piece of paper with a language, countries the language is spoken in, and the word for friend in that language.  Each student then folds a piece of paper in half and uses their word for friend to design the front part of the paper.  They also fill out a slip of paper that is attached to the inside.  Check out the blog post for more details!

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Bookmarks and templates for Peace Day

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  1. Thanks for sharing my Peace Plates. You have lots of GREAT activities here!
    Barbara from Grade ONEderful :)