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I recently stumbled accross the Ormie the Pig shortclip and thought it would be perfect for teaching a lesson on perseverance.  Ormie is a pig that has found a jar of cookies on top of a refrigerator .
Ormie the Pig
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1.  Have students fill out the Perseverance Questionnaire by ELAtime (Free on  TPT).
2.  Write the word Perseverance on the board.  Ask students what the word means.
3.  Lead a class discussion:   Have you ever tried something and failed?  How did you feel?  How did you handle that situation?  Tell me about a time that you tried really hard and persevered.  How did you feel?
4.  Show the Ormie the Pig Short: Ormie the Pig
5.  Use the following worksheet to talk about Ormie's thoughts and feelings:  Ormie the Pig Feelings
Ormie the Pig Inferencing + Perspective Taking
6. Discussion:  What did Ormie want?  What were some of the different strategies that Ormie tried.  How did Ormie feel when he failed?  Did Ormie give up?  Would you have continued trying as long as Ormie did?  What would you have done to try to get to the cookies? Do you think Ormie will ever try that hard again?  What can we conclude based on what we know about Ormie?How do you think he will get the jar off of his head?  How can we relate this to mindset?
7.  Wrap-Up:  When we are feeling like a problem is too hard to solve, we need perseverance to keep trying until we find a solution to the problem.

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